Oms is a Turkish brand and company that was founded in 1976. The company is based in Istanbul, as well as the manufacturing of the product. Oms is known for its long lasting kitchen appliances, which is made out of raw stainless steel and aluminium materials. As the company grew, it became known for its famous Granite coated non stick cookware. With its continuous growth, and adopted principle Oms started to export its goods throughout the world. Thus Oms products went beyond Turkey and proved its existing quality with its enviable exportation to numerous countries, this including Africa Since 2020.

Oms production line includes, a range of items; stainless steel kitchen appliances, non stick ceramics, non stick pans, non stick pots, Double sided grillers, egg pans, crepe pans and many more. The Oms Turkey Brand keeps growing and provides a service with its innovation for kitchenware and cooking ware until this decade and wishes to still keep expanding with the willingness to suit your every need.

Refreshing and Flourishing, making an indelible impression, we bring to you Oms Collection range, right here in South Africa, with its wide product range.